Hi, I am Amit. I make things

I am a developer who cares about good visual design. This site is a log of my journey, as I learn to create the best products possible. And teach others to do the same along the way.

I dont have an itch

In this post, I discuss how one should discover ideas or projects to work on.

Last couple of weeks in review for HipCV

In this post, I review past couple of weeks for my current project HipCV.

So it Begins

In this post, I talk about launching of HipCV.

Fixing utf8 encoding issue in Postgres

In this post, I setup Postgres for rails on an Ubuntu machine. And fix utf8 encoding issue.

How 'this' in javascript is similar to 'self' in ruby

In this, I show similarities between 'this' in javacript and 'self' in ruby.

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