Where to find people to validate your MVP?

Its 6:00am, your alarm buzzed for the 4th time. There is no denying the inevitable anymore, you have to finally get up. You prepare yourself for the same daily grind, curse your current job and wonder why don’t you ever get one of those world changing brilliant ideas. Now you are finally getting ready, looking in the mirror for last bit of self resolve that will take you through the day. And then it comes to you. An epiphany, finally an idea that is amazing. You get ready and head out, it feels different this time. It is going to work this time, it is going to change the internet and your life forever, you say to yourself.

No matter how hard you try, you are just not able to get it out of your head, it just keeps bouncing back. Itching to just get home and start documenting all the features that your brain can spit out.

A day passes, idea still seems pretty cool. You decide on building this mammoth of a product with all the bells and whistles that you could think of or your neighbor’s grandmother suggested as she overheard you talking to her grandson. But sanity prevailed and you instead decided on building a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first and validate the need or market for the idea. All fine and dandy till now.

You start burning midnight oil, start putting in hours over the weekend. Month passes by and your fictional launch date arrives. You do have some sort of a working product. Now is the time to find those people who are going to use this amazing thing that just got built. You share it with 53 followers that you have on twitter, you even write a post on a blog that gets 78 hits a month. You even share it on G+ and Facebook. Your non technical high school friends like it twice.

Launched came and went by. Looking at google analytics the next day, brings out the cold truth. Nobody really cares. Site had 126 visitors, 3 signed up. You are still hopeful, but the rest of week’s stats wipe that hope for good.

So where are the people that could have actually used your product or at-least given some kind of feedback. Positive or negative doesn’t matter anymore, just some real people giving real opinions on what they think of the thing.

Here is the list of 7 sites online that I know of, where you could find such people. Off course this list is not complete, or even sorted in any order of importance. But it will definitely double or triple the reach of your MVP as compared to the previous scenario.

  1. Share what you make.
  2. http://betali.st
  3. http://startupli.st
  4. DZone
  5. Hacker News
  6. Reddit Startups
  7. Digg

For getting the best results in the last 4 sites. Ask your friends to provide initial few upvotes that can increase your chances for getting noticed. If your idea had potential and your MVP had some legs, it should begin a journey of its own from here on.

If you know more of such sites, please let me know and I will happily update the list.

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