Last couple of weeks in review for HipCV

In this post I review past couple of weeks for my current project HipCV.

Two weeks ago, I launched a service for creating online resumes called HipCV. The response to the site has been lukewarm, nothing majorly ground breaking. Which is understandable as there are many resume builders already out there. Also, there has not been any serious marketing effort yet from my end to promote the service.

Alright, so here are the stats for the last couple of weeks:

  • Unique visitors: 392

  • Page Views: 1078

  • Sign Ups: 21

  • Paid Users: 1

Out of these 392 users, around 40% (~156) left the site just after visiting the homepage and did not even sign up to try the free product, which leads me to believe few things. Either they ended upon the site by accident and didn’t really need the product. Or they did need the product, but the copy/features of the landing page were not convincing enough to sign up.

To improve this situation I have made few changes:

  • Have brought the signup page on the landing page itself. Lot of users fell out of the funnel between the main call to action to sign up page and the actual signup. Am making an assumption that, since it will reduce the delay between looking at features and signing up, it should increase the signups.

  • Have also improved the copy of landing page a bit. Now every feature is better explained and is supported by either a bigger image or an example.

Since the traffic has reduced greatly (only 6-10 visits per day) in last few days, Can’t tell for sure if any of these changes are working. Will keep you posted as I get more insights.

If you are in need of a stylish Resume, go and try HipCV.

And if you would like to follow the progress of the project, subscribe to the feed.

Till next time.

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