Hi, I am Amit. I make things.

I am a developer who cares about good visual design. This site is a log of my journey, as I learn to create the best products possible. And teach others to do the same along the way.

Fixing utf8 encoding issue in Postgres

In this post, I setup Postgres for rails on an Ubuntu machine. And fix utf8 encoding issue.

How 'this' in javascript is similar to 'self' in ruby

In this, I show similarities between 'this' in javacript and 'self' in ruby.

Where to find people to validate your MVP?

Places you should be looking at to find people that can test your MVP.

How Logical AND and OR Operators Actually Work in Javascript.

In this I explaing working of Logical AND and OR Operators in Javascript.

Using MongoDB With BackboneJS

How to use MongoDB with BackboneJS.

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