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Most conservative mode while rephrasing. The rephrased sentences will be very close to the original.

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For all writing tasks at hand, use our completely free paraphrasing tool

When trying to avoid plagiarism while writing articles, essays, or even emails, using our Paraphrasing tool will help you rewrite the sentences that are identical in meaning to the original text.

Free to use
Our article rewriter is entirely free of cost to use. We don't need your credit card or any payment information to help you generate the rephrased article or essay.
No signup required
Our software does not require any signup, login, or registration. Just provide the text you need to be rewritten and click the Paraphrase button. Nothing else needed.
How do you use a paraphrasing tool?

Our article rewriter is one of the easiest software on the internet for rephrasing phrases or articles. To use our tool, you need to either write or paste your input article into the first box.

After that, click the Paraphrase button. Once you submit the information, our AI will start analyzing and rewriting the article while keeping the original intent identical.

When the AI has finished processing, you'll be able to see the results in the second box. Also, you can copy results by clicking on the Copy Result button.

Which is the best paraphrasing tool?

Our tool is amongst the best online software out there for paraphrasing and article & essay rewriting.

You can find lots of different paraphrasing tools online. Almost all of them are either very poor in the level of quality and accuracy of the sentences they generate. Either ask for money or need signup before continuing. They are ad-ridden most of the time and do not have a good usability experience while using.

Most of these online tools rely on simple text synonym replacement, hence their low quality. They don't understand the meaning behind the sentences entirely.

On the other hand, our software uses advanced artificial intelligence models that excel at paraphrasing. Our AI models have spent countless hours analyzing English phrases. These models understand the semantics behind the sentences, due to which they can perform a much better job of rewriting.

You can also learn more about another paraphrasing tool called Quillbot.

How do you paraphrase quickly?

The easiest way to paraphrase is by using our software.

But, if you want to do it yourself, one neat trick is to internalize the meaning of the sentence you are trying to paraphrase. Then, try to convey the same thought in your own words.

What is an article spinner?

Article spinners are low-quality article rewriting software tools that generate new sentences from existing by replacing the words with their synonyms. The output text generated usually isn't that great and looks very spammy.

Is the paraphrasing tool plagiarizing?

One of the most common causes of plagiarism is paraphrasing and not giving any citations.

So, when you rephrase the article and keep the key points as is. One way to avoid plagiarism would be to cite the sources appropriately.

By following the best practices set by your organization, you should be able to avoid plagiarism.

How can you paraphrase without plagiarizing?

If you copy the information from a source, a good rule of thumb is to cite that source. By doing that, you are not trying to take credit for someone else's original work.

If the person or organization receiving the article or essay has provided the criteria regarding paraphrasing. It will be a good idea to follow that.

You can also follow our guide to effectively paraphrase sources.

How to use paraphrasing tool to write thesis

If you are writing a thesis and are using a paraphrasing tool for assistance. Follow our guide with tips to avoid common mistakes.